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Tactics V at Midwest Gaming Classic 2019

We had a wonderful time at the event, here’s an interview given:


Tactics V: “Obsidian Brigade” Coming Q3 2019


GravBlocks+ Price Reduction!



Hey everyone!

As we are seeing the Wii U(TM) off in it’s final year(s?), we are dropping a deep discount to our challenging puzzler, GravBlocks+ for it: Now available for only $1.00! This is a permanent discount to see the Wii U out to those open fields where all past consoles frolic and prance and talk about what it was like in the olden days when televisions had scanlines. 


And to show we’re not playing favorites, here, the discount is also applied to the Steam version! Check it out now for only $1! The Steam version also has the optional DLC which is a massive puzzle help guide that can be helpful in solving the puzzles in either the Wii U or the Steam version. 


Please be sure to tell at least a million other people, and have them tell a million other people, and we should be able to cover most of the planet way faster than the way a typical pyramid scheme works. Happy gaming, folks! Look forward to some rad new updates and news (hopefully) soon!



New App: BattleHelper

Introducing BattleHelper!

A new app designed to be used to aid in battles while playing tabletop Role Playing Games!

Check out the main page by clicking here!

And the Google Play store page by clicking here!





Jenna, The Newest Superstition Member, Enters The Fray!

Greetings once again! Today we’re announcing another new character on the Superstition Side – Jenna, the anti-vaxxer! Jenna has a strong public presence and she has no problem using it to share how much she doesn’t know. Surely she will bring some much needed star power to the Superstition Side!

As a parent with a very public outlet, she adores informing other parents that death is preferable to autism. Always willing to question established and known science she has been called “the nation’s most prominent purveyor of anti-vaxxer ideology” but she doesn’t let it phase her! She’s got a history of making bold claims without evidence and pandering to emotionalism! We’re sure she’ll make a fine addition to the Superstition Side!

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