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We’re preparing GravBlocks+ for lotcheck for the Wii U with a release window of October 2014 as of now.  Development has taken longer than we expected, but in all that time, we’ve completely overhauled the game and built a title we’re proud of and we believe is worthy of a full console release.  No simple port on this one!

Be sure to check out the official GravBlocks+ page for all the information on what we’ve done with the update (hint: a lot) beyond crafting HD graphics and new modes for the whole game.  Bugs have been fixed, gameplay streamlined, new modes and stages, etc.  It’s been quite an undertaking, but we’ve learned a lot in the process moving from mobile to HD console development, ensuring that our next project will benefit greatly.

For quick access, here are the quickie downloads:


Here’s looking forward to the impending release and being able to finally share with everyone that other mystery game we’ve held off for too long!


Our Podcast Interview with Hardcore Casual Gamer


Hello folks!  This is Nick once again to deliver some From Nothing Game Studio news and such!

Recently, Sean and I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Hardcore Casual Gamer for their Podcast on the subject of our upcoming Wii U upgrade, GravBlocks+.  I sincerely apologize for my terrible, awful, horrible microphone as I naively expected to be able to set this up smoothly and had some issues!  Oops!  I ended up scrambling for a usable microphone for the interview, and grabbed a headset for a video game nearby.  On the upside, it worked, on the downside, I sound like I’m talking to you through a wall and a bunch of cobwebs or something.

At any rate, the guys over at Hardcore Casual Gamer were great to talk to, and we covered as much ground as we could in 20 minutes on the Wii U exclusive version of GravBlocks!  By all means, do take a listen!

You can find the podcast by clicking right here.


GravBlocks+ Wii U Game Trailer!


Behold!  At long last the trailer for GravBlocks+ for Wii U is up and running!  Be sure to follow us and the usual whatnot on YouTube.  We’re winding down on our upgrade of the game for the Wii U, and getting charged up for the next game!


Sample New Music from GravBlocks+

As we’re winding down on GravBlocks+ development, we’re pleased to note that we have an actual musician on-hand to lend his skills to the game!  Sami Sati is both a musician and burgeoning game developer from the Twin Cities area who is also one half of a Metal band best described as “Atmospheric Black/Folk/Post-Metal” called Oak Pantheon.  (In my humble opinion, this is easily the best Metal band I’ve heard come out of the Twin Cities.)

Sami was kind enough to take time out of his hectic schedule to update a track he’d written for inclusion in GravBlocks+.

Head on over here to give it a listen and to download it!  The track, appropriately titled Conversion, combines the three modified versions of an original track of titled Kergwor.  Users may download the track for free, or donate whatever amount they want to Sami to further support both indie music and gaming!  While you may donate whatever amount you choose, we’re pretty sure the track is worth at least $500 per download.

Again, thanks to Sami for the track and support, and thanks to everyone else out there who’s backed us in this endeavor!

The site again:  Sami Sati’s Bandcamp page.

Check out Oak Pantheon by clicking this!

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