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Please Welcome The Newest Science Side Member, The Skeptical Magician, Randee!

Welcome, welcome friends! Today we’re introducing another great character to join the battle between Science and Superstition. Please give a warm round of applause for The Skeptical Magician, Randee!

Randee hails from a land of magic and trickery while also being firmly entrenched in science and skepticism. He is never one to shy away from exposing charlatans for what they are – often having a laugh in the process. He’s posed as an astrologer in publications to shed light on their fallacy, he’s performed as a mad dentist and executioner on stage. Those are all personas, but at his heart he is a renowned skeptic. His favorite prey are paranormal and pseudoscience claims. We’re sure he’ll have plenty of challengers who he’d love to put in their place in this conflict!


Check Out Joe! The Newest Fighter For The Superstition Side!

Happy day, folks! We’re back and we’re announcing another thrilling character. Please welcome Joe, the newest combatant to join the Superstition Side! A guy that doesn’t trust anyone or anything (but don’t call him paranoid!), he’ll surely throw some of the Science Side fighters off balance.

Joe’s background of intense martial arts training coupled with his ability to ignore basic facts and substitute his own, he’s a fearsome opponent indeed. With his trusty tinfoil hat – his shield against the prying eyes of the world and the mysterious chemical trails in the sky – he stands ready to assist the Superstition Side in their quest to conquer the classroom. 


Introducing, Neil! The Newest Brawler To Join The Science Side!

Hello, hello! Today we’ve got another super cool character reveal. This month it’s Neil, the newest member of the Science Side. Neil comes equipped with an arsenal of knowledge, wit, and tenacity the likes of which this contest has never seen!



Always taking the side of truth and reason, Neil never backs down from a challenge. When he’s not tackling the mysteries of Bursting Dwarf Galaxies he is shutting down any and all deniers of general truth. Ready and willing to defend the science classroom from the ever-persistent charlatans that are knocking at the door, he will not be easy to toppled. 


First Look: Dictators! A Board Game


From Nothing Game Studios has been hard at work on two video games lately:  Punchy Cube and TacticsV.  As game design is in our veins (maybe not literally), the drive to always stretch our concepts and ideas is constant and ever-renewed!  This marks our first non-video game, as we begin testing the viability of adding tabletop and board gaming to our library.

Dictators! is a fast-paced strategy-lite game.  All moves are made through cards with tell you where to move, where to attack, and if you have any special moves at your disposal.  The game is intended to be compact, quick, yet thoughtful while offering twists  and nuance.  The current prototype of the game is planned to make it’s first public debut along with Punchy Cube and TacticsV at Glitchcon in Minneapolis, May 2017.



The official game page can be found here.  




New to the Superstition Side, Sylvie enters the fight!

Good evening, friends! Today is a special day… It’s another character reveal! The newest member of the Superstition Side is Sylvie! Sylvie is a powerful psychic with a vast array of skills and abilities most people would think are impossible.

Sylvie’s techniques are steeped in mysticism, speculation and tomfoolery. She’s spent a sizable portion of her life honing her skills, allowing her to be a formidable opponent in any skirmish. Armed with psychic powers and hidden techniques granted by the Tarot, she will surely be an asset to the Superstition Side. 

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