Punchy Cube! Updates

Leader of the Science Side, Lawrence!

Please, let me introduce… Lawrence! The de-facto leader of the Science side. Lawrence is a good guy just looking to change and shape the world into a better place. Lawrence is an Educator, and while that may seem rather average, it’s anything but!

Punchy Cube

Lawrence’s profession places him on the front lines of the Science vs. Superstition battle. When proponents of Superstition knock on the classroom door to spread their skewed truth, they’re knocking on HIS door. Now, he’s knocking back. Lawrence brings a unique level of tenacity to this arena which, combined with his strict nature of being an educator, will prove invaluable to the Science side.


From the Superstition side, Zeke approaches!

Hello, everyone. Today we’re delighted to introduce our newest fighter to Punchy Cube! Creeping along the side of Superstition, please welcome the next combatant. The self-described “ghost hunter” and know-nothing of all things spooky… the cylindrical Zeke!

Zeke represents those who would capitalize and monetize people’s fears. Through clever deception and aided by his excellent hair and hilarious technology, Zeke bamboozles his victims to believe that there are spirits of terror floating among us. With his brutish tactics and ability to delude and mislead those around him, he will surely be a formidable addition to the Superstition Side.


From The Science Side, Introducing Jayne!

Greetings! Today we’re super proud to announce the unveiling of our newest fighter to Punchy Cube! Hailing from the Science Side,  meet Jayne, the conical primate expert and our esteemed Ambassador of Peace!

Our Ambassador of Peace, Jayne, is named after a real-life ethologist and anthropologist who’s many decades of research and study has been invaluable to science.  Her extensive work with conservation and animal welfare issues is to be applauded.  She brings a unique mix of intelligence, empathy and brutality to this arena to be sure.


New Fighter Revealed!

The Punchy Cube gallery is now up and running, and will be used in the coming months to introduce you all to the cast of characters in our shapely science vs superstition brawler!  The goal is to introduce one new character a month leading up to (or nearly to) the completion of the game.  As Punchy Cube (Lawrence) was revealed in the trailer, and as an educator, he fights on the side of science, we now head to superstition.  A dangerous one at that, meet Kevin, the spherical Snake-Oil Salesman!


Snake Oil Sphere


The Snake Oil Salesman is tentatively named Kevin after a real-life snake-oil peddler who hocked his wares from infomercials and prison time! He’ll sell you any miracle cure for whatever ails yah! Have a goiter? A case of the shakes? Maybe you have too much disposable income or a case of cancer–whatever it is, he’ll sell you some authentic Snake Oil to [not] cure what ails yah!  Sometimes in the form of books, sometimes in the form of ooky bottles of goo!

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