Punchy Cube! Updates

New to the Superstition Side, Sylvie enters the fight!

Good evening, friends! Today is a special day… It’s another character reveal! The newest member of the Superstition Side is Sylvie! Sylvie is a powerful psychic with a vast array of skills and abilities most people would think are impossible.

Sylvie’s techniques are steeped in mysticism, speculation and tomfoolery. She’s spent a sizable portion of her life honing her skills, allowing her to be a formidable opponent in any skirmish. Armed with psychic powers and hidden techniques granted by the Tarot, she will surely be an asset to the Superstition Side. 


From Nothing at GLITCHCON MN!

Greetings friends!


We’re announcing something super special today! As you can see by the graphic above, it says GLITCH. What is GLITCH? It’s GLITCHCON silly! GLITCHCON is a yearly event that rolls around Minnesota that allows aspiring local independent game developers to show their stuff. There will be game demos, a board game hall, speedtalks featuring speakers from game developers both big and small, and more!

We will be showcasing two of our games at this convention this year. We plan on having playable demos of both Punchy Cube: Fight and our newest project called Tactics V, so you guys can get some sweet hands-on time with what we’ve been working on. Exciting!


For complete event details, please visit The Offical GLITCHCON Website

GLITCHCON MN runs from May 5th – 7th


The Soap Factory
514 2nd St SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414



The Science Side Introduces Miryam, The Mathematician!

Good evening, folks! Today we’re announcing another character, and we’d like you to give a warm welcome to Miryam! She’s the newest fighter to join the Science Side. Miryam hails from the complex world of mathematics.


Miryam is a true prodigy. Possessing an advanced knowledge of mathematics at a young age, Miryam has been a keystone figure when people talk about things like teichm├╝ller theory, hyperbolic geometry, ergodic theory, and symplectic geometry. What does that all mean? I honestly have no idea. Seriously. Throughout her career in maths she has won many awards, and rightfully so. She’s here to defend her home turf from encroaching Superstition Side!



From the Superstition Side, Bernard enters the fray!

Happy new year, folks! To ring in 2017, we’re going to introduce our next character in Punchy Cube! Without this man, the Superstition side would be woefully under-powered. Of course I’m talking about the Ochahedron himself, the never-fooled Cryptozoologist – Bernard!

Bernard’s area of study is very unique for his field. Never hampered by lack of evidence, whether it’s a blurry photo of a not-Sasquatch,  footprints from a real animal yet he believes its something else, or a long lost legend of some totally real sea monster. Bernard is a stalwart defender of his craft. Cryptozoology wouldn’t be the way it is without him, that’s for sure. The Superstition Side should consider itself lucky that someone of his unwavering belief in all things preternatural is on their side. 


From the Science Side, Maya Joins The Fight!

Happy day, everyone! Today we’re super jazzed to announce our newest fighter to Punchy Cube! The very foundation of the Science Side, our very own parallelogram and expert builder… Maya!


Our architect, Maya, represents an integral personality in regards to artistic expression and she has an uncanny ability to sculpt beautiful memorials. What a perfect fit to our brutal arena brawler, right? Maya honed her craft at a young age and she has always been willing to make powerful statements in her work. You can be certain that she brings a strong clear vision to the Science Side.

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