GravBlocks has been released!!

To get the most obvious part of this out of the way…




And it is available at Google Play for Android phones and tablets:


The two versions of the game are identical except that the tablet version is probably a little easier to control due to the larger screen, and the gameplay grid is larger than on the phone.  The newer your phone or tablet, the better it will run–in the end, it’s a pretty content-rich game and can be a little slow on older devices.  Runs beautifully on a Samsung Galaxy II phone.


(The demo mentioned earlier is something we’re still considering, but will require a bit of work.)


The iPhone version will be on the way hopefully soon, but for now, the Android build of the game is done and out!


  • 2 distinct styles-aliens and neon
  • 4 block types
  • 4 gameplay modes
  • 10 backgrounds
  • 30 difficulty levels
  • 60 Achievements
  • 100 puzzle levels
  • Unlockables
  • Leaderboards
  • Stats
  • Only a dollar!



Release date: October 1, 2012

Engine:  Unity

Platform: Android Tablets, Android Smartphones

Availability:  Google Play market



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