Global Game Jam Complete! (Free game within!)

Grid-based RTS gameplay screencap of Earthpulse.

Grid-based RTS gameplay screencap of Earthpulse.


Hey everyone! Long time no update, but here we go!

Paul and I (this is Nick, by the way) participated in the annual Global Game Jam with IGDA-TC down at the Nerdery in Bloomington!  We were joined by fellow Minnesota School of Business chums Drew Buchanan and Sean Johnson on our 48-hour marathon of game development.

This year’s theme was a heartbeat… and that was it.  Inspiration was to flow from that simple audible thumping.

Our game grew from that, taking that rhythmic beat and applying it to the rhythmic action of oil wells as they pump oil from the Earth–thus our game is “Earthpulse.”  Inspired by the tabletop game Settlers of Cataan, we boiled the resource management down to a single resource that is integral to quite literally everything–oil.

Earthpulse is a real-time-strategy game where you must carefully and quickly use your oil resources to build clean energy sources before you tap the Earth dry of it’s precious lifeblood!  Drew quickly upped the ante in the story (check that tutorial) by putting the entire world at stake, but you’re still just on an island.  Using the oil, you develop new technologies, and using those factories (which all run on oil), you need to develop the technologies required to develop enough clean energy resources to completely replace your oil-based energy.  As you pump oil from the ground, a heartbeat pulses, and it grows faster and more tense as you reach new halfway points.

It’s a countdown to clean energy, or doom!


Check it out here at the Global Game Jam site:  Click Here! (Yeah, that was a bit misleading, the free game is over at this site, not right here! Sorry!)


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