GameStick, Ouya, and returning to development!

From Nothing Game Studios rumbles to life once more after a lengthy break!


Paul’s been hard at work with an automatic drive to develop [SOMETHING] that is now expanding into a full game.

A lengthy design document has been put together, and graphics are in the works, as well as the early build of the engine.  We are not, however ready for a full reveal, but we’re still here and we’ll be trickling out information when we can.


On top of that, we were Kickstarter backers of both GameStick and Ouya, and are planning development on both platforms–at this point, we’re just waiting for them to arrive so we can start tinkering with them!  Enjoy the ooey-gooey tasty teaser pic for now, more will be on the way!




About Nick

Nick is a huge, huge gamer. Not physically, but huge in his love and natural understanding of gaming and game design. Long fascinated by console gaming history, and the concepts behind game design, Nick is also a collector and he cherishes even the terrible consoles in his collection--including the Jaguar and Virtual Boy.