Another image?

To give everyone a quick update, here:  We’re still hard at work–especially Paul–on the new game.  Once I confirm a few things, I will be able to share some great news that a few closer to us already know!


But until, then, here’s a new shot–you may notice some color themes that are the same as before, and this is a different model–but while we aren’t prepared to do a full reveal, we can say that this game is not a puzzle game!  We want to delve into every possible gaming genre that we can.

Also, the targeted platforms for this new game are GameStick, Ouya, and PC–with the label of “PC” to include Windows, Mac, and Linux–oh, and one more mystery platform!

Teaser Shot of the new game.

Teaser Shot of the new game.

More to come soon!


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