From Nothing Game Studios Site Update



As our little website here hasn’t been updated in a while, it was time to remedy that.  Professionalism all around, so to speak!

We’re currently drawing down on the final weeks of development on GravBlocks+ for the Wii U, after which, we’ll be returning in earnest to the surprise game of mystery we put on hold in order to learn the ins and outs of console development .  As difficult as that decision was, we are now very aware that it was the right thing to do, and the things we’ve learned while upgrading GravBlocks+ mean that the next game is going to be far better than it would have been if we had attempted to move forward with it.

However, we’ve had quite a few changes and this website hadn’t been updated in far too long.  So, in order to get it ready for our next release, the website has been cleaned up and all around “betterified.”  It’s a word now, deal with it.

Site improvements:

  • The Games button on the navigation bar now actually features our games.
  • Our games have their own pages, at long last!
  • Galleries added for our games.
  • Adam and Robert finally have their pages added to the Staff menu (those pages, however, need an update).
  • Links on sidebar have been updated with our affiliates and other sites we like or are associated with.
  • Details have been added for GravBlocks, GravBlocks+, and EarthPulse.
  • General site navigation improvements.

Look for more updates coming soon in the future!



About Nick

Nick is a huge, huge gamer. Not physically, but huge in his love and natural understanding of gaming and game design. Long fascinated by console gaming history, and the concepts behind game design, Nick is also a collector and he cherishes even the terrible consoles in his collection--including the Jaguar and Virtual Boy.