GravBlocks+ Press Packs Available



We’re preparing GravBlocks+ for lotcheck for the Wii U with a release window of October 2014 as of now.  Development has taken longer than we expected, but in all that time, we’ve completely overhauled the game and built a title we’re proud of and we believe is worthy of a full console release.  No simple port on this one!

Be sure to check out the official GravBlocks+ page for all the information on what we’ve done with the update (hint: a lot) beyond crafting HD graphics and new modes for the whole game.  Bugs have been fixed, gameplay streamlined, new modes and stages, etc.  It’s been quite an undertaking, but we’ve learned a lot in the process moving from mobile to HD console development, ensuring that our next project will benefit greatly.

For quick access, here are the quickie downloads:


Here’s looking forward to the impending release and being able to finally share with everyone that other mystery game we’ve held off for too long!


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