FNG Studios at Glitchcon!


From Nothing Game Studios will be attending Glitchcon on the University of Minnesota campus on March 29th, 2015.

We’ll be set up in the Minnecade with two Wii U consoles running our recently released, and generally positively reviewed GravBlocks+.

We may just have free copies of the game to hand out, and are willing to discuss upcoming projects and if we may soon be developing for another platform.

For address, location, and times, feel free to click here and head to the official Minnecade and Glitchcon pages.

What’s Glitchcon?  As pilfered right from their page:

A nonprofit organization based at the University of Minnesota that promotes the exploration of video games as a culture, career, and creative practice. We’re also the nerdy masterminds behind the creation and production of GlitchCon!

Glitchcon is a gaming convention celebrating all things gaming (video, tabletop, and board!) and the indie spirit, but also featuring industry professionals ranging from GameInformer magazine to Bethesda Softworks.  The Minnecade features about 20 gems to play (besides ours), and the entire show features panels covering a range of topics, from VR to character design.


About Nick

Nick is a huge, huge gamer. Not physically, but huge in his love and natural understanding of gaming and game design. Long fascinated by console gaming history, and the concepts behind game design, Nick is also a collector and he cherishes even the terrible consoles in his collection--including the Jaguar and Virtual Boy.