GravBlocks is out on Steam!



On December 15, 2015, GravBlocks was finally released on Steam, and only two updates had to be done so far!  Joking aside, the holidays forced us to go with a quiet launch, which also helped us have the time to get some live checking on it and patch up a couple small issues.  We feel this is the best version of GravBlocks, and it will also be the final version as we are eager to move on to new projects!


The Steam build features:

  • New Cat Blocks!
  • Streamlined Story Mode.
  • 80 Steam-integrated Achievements.
  • Steam community items:  Steam cards, Badges, backgrounds, Emojis.
  • Multiple control options: Xbox 360 controller, Steam controller, keyboard, or mouse.
  • Online leaderboards for Challenge and Zen modes.


New_Badge_FoilGravBlocks is $3.99 and there is DLC for $0.99.  The DLC is a large PDF that offers up solutions for all 150 of the puzzles in the game–not because you want to cheat, of course, but we know we made some really challenging puzzles!  The DLC also contains some “factoids” about the “history” of UFO and alien abduction stories (which inspired the Story Mode and the jerks who appear in the title), game development notes, and even some gameplay tips!


You can find GravBlocks on Steam by simply clicking here!

Official game page here.



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