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Friday nights with Netflix can be super inspiring for the indie dev.  While watching Curse of Chucky and a documentary about North Korea, I thought to myself: “I should really update the website,” while you are now wondering in what order I watched these movies and how these two were possibly picked.  It’s “Netflix and chill” not “Netflix and logical decision making.”  I mean, come on, people.


At any rate, as previously noted, we’re currently working on two projects, both a far cry removed from our time with GravBlocks. Action and strategy are in the works with a great deal of advancement on both fronts.  What I’m doing on here tonight, Netflix in tow, is updating this site.  Most of it is not going to be apparent on the surface, which will serve to make me look like a liar or something.  But I’m preparing pages behind the scenes for when we have the announcements ready.



Flyspace. This is what color stars actually are.

Firstly, a project driven by Paul and Rob, under the tentative name of Flyspace is underway.  You can check out the IndieDB page by clicking on this radioactive blue glowing sentence*.  It’s built around a turn-based strategy game inspired by board games like Firefly and titles such as FTL.  Online multiplayer is a focus right from the start.  (This is one of the pages I’m getting set up tonight.)  Flyspace is primarily targeted towards PC (Win/Mac/Linux) and Android releases.


The other is the surprise title of mystery eerily hinted at in the silhouetted something seen heading this post.  Our lead programmer (Sean) on this one asks us to wait until he’s got the some key mechanics working before revealing the title and opening up the game’s official page on here.  Several graphics and animations have already been made and tested, as well as more complex animation tests.  GravBlocks used “traditional” bones and rigging with canned animations (we had our reasons).  However, here, all animations in this new title are being done “the hard way” as it were, to ensure originality, variety, and personality.  We are eager to show this one off, and frequently poke Sean with a stick to make sure he’s still working on this instead of all that lazy sleeping or “life” stuff that gets in the way.  This one is intended for fast, action-packed gameplay, and targeted as a PS4, Steam, and Wii U release as of this time.


Finally, GravBlocks on Steam is finishing up it’s bundle appearance over at Bundle Stars.  There does appear to be one Achievement that still needs some tinkering, but we’re working that into our busy schedules.


*Not really radioactive. Just blue.  Everyone knows radiation is green.


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