Punchy Cube Official Announcement!



At long last, we are happy to finally reveal that we’re working on not one, but two new related titles!

Punchy Cube and Punchy Cube: Fight!


One of the things we love here at FNG Studios is classic gaming–and two things we’ve loved to play are old school beat-em-ups and fighting games.  Punchy Cube is that old-school beat-em-up with some modern twists and flourishes!  Deeper fighting, a more detailed story mode, and of course–that oft-forgotten, but all-important element of couch co-op.  The fun of a beat-em-up isn’t just in pounding faces into the pavement, but in doing so with some friends, a significant other, or a cool kid with a cooler parent.  This will be the experience we’re planning to deliver in Punchy Cube, to come later in 2017 for consoles and PC.  Look for us on Steam Greenlight soon!

Punch Cube: Fight! is just a straight fighting game for 1-4 players, with an initial roster of 10 fighters.  This will be out before the arcade-style beat-em-up, and will ensure we hone a good enough fighting engine to be expanded into Punchy Cube.  Punchy Cube: Fight! is targeted for a spring 2017 release.

The story in these titles is noted more on the games’ individual pages, but is mostly concerned with a struggle between science and superstition.  Educated, rational minds facing off against cranks and charlatans, with characters inspired by real-life people in both fields, be it a noted architect or an infamous ghost hunter!

We’re eager to reveal more about these games over the coming months, including gradually revealing the cast of Punchy-Cube: Fight!

We’re targeting Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Steam for these as of now.

Be sure to check back for more in the coming months!


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