From the Science Side, Maya Joins The Fight!

Happy day, everyone! Today we’re super jazzed to announce our newest fighter to Punchy Cube! The very foundation of the Science Side, our very own parallelogram and expert builder… Maya!


Our architect, Maya, represents an integral personality in regards to artistic expression and she has an uncanny ability to sculpt beautiful memorials. What a perfect fit to our brutal arena brawler, right? Maya honed her craft at a young age and she has always been willing to make powerful statements in her work. You can be certain that she brings a strong clear vision to the Science Side.


About Bob

Bob is an avid gamer and has been since he was young. With an interest that started on NES and blossomed into a passion on SNES, he is now interested in writing, programming, and other design principles. Bob has a particular "finesse" when it comes to RPGs, specifically. By "finesse", we mean he just spends many hours playing them and picking them apart.