From the Superstition Side, Bernard enters the fray!

Happy new year, folks! To ring in 2017, we’re going to introduce our next character in Punchy Cube! Without this man, the Superstition side would be woefully under-powered. Of course I’m talking about the Ochahedron himself, the never-fooled Cryptozoologist – Bernard!

Bernard’s area of study is very unique for his field. Never hampered by lack of evidence, whether it’s a blurry photo of a not-Sasquatch,  footprints from a real animal yet he believes its something else, or a long lost legend of some totally real sea monster. Bernard is a stalwart defender of his craft. Cryptozoology wouldn’t be the way it is without him, that’s for sure. The Superstition Side should consider itself lucky that someone of his unwavering belief in all things preternatural is on their side. 


About Bob

Bob is an avid gamer and has been since he was young. With an interest that started on NES and blossomed into a passion on SNES, he is now interested in writing, programming, and other design principles. Bob has a particular "finesse" when it comes to RPGs, specifically. By "finesse", we mean he just spends many hours playing them and picking them apart.