From Nothing at GLITCHCON MN!

Greetings friends!


We’re announcing something super special today! As you can see by the graphic above, it says GLITCH. What is GLITCH? It’s GLITCHCON silly! GLITCHCON is a yearly event that rolls around Minnesota that allows aspiring local independent game developers to show their stuff. There will be game demos, a board game hall, speedtalks featuring speakers from game developers both big and small, and more!

We will be showcasing two of our games at this convention this year. We will at the Open Play Test session, which is held after the event on May 7th. We plan on having playable demos of both Punchy Cube: Fight and our newest project called Tactics V, so you guys can get some sweet hands-on time with what we’ve been working on. Exciting!


For complete event details, please visit The Offical GLITCHCON Website

GLITCHCON MN runs from May 5th – 7th


The Soap Factory
514 2nd St SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414



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