Introducing, Neil! The Newest Brawler To Join The Science Side!

Hello, hello! Today we’ve got another super cool character reveal. This month it’s Neil, the newest member of the Science Side. Neil comes equipped with an arsenal of knowledge, wit, and tenacity the likes of which this contest has never seen!



Always taking the side of truth and reason, Neil never backs down from a challenge. When he’s not tackling the mysteries of Bursting Dwarf Galaxies he is shutting down any and all deniers of general truth. Ready and willing to defend the science classroom from the ever-persistent charlatans that are knocking at the door, he will not be easy to toppled. 


About Bob

Bob is an avid gamer and has been since he was young. With an interest that started on NES and blossomed into a passion on SNES, he is now interested in writing, programming, and other design principles. Bob has a particular "finesse" when it comes to RPGs, specifically. By "finesse", we mean he just spends many hours playing them and picking them apart.