Please Welcome The Newest Science Side Member, The Skeptical Magician, Randee!

Welcome, welcome friends! Today we’re introducing another great character to join the battle between Science and Superstition. Please give a warm round of applause for The Skeptical Magician, Randee!

Randee hails from a land of magic and trickery while also being firmly entrenched in science and skepticism. He is never one to shy away from exposing charlatans for what they are – often having a laugh in the process. He’s posed as an astrologer in publications to shed light on their fallacy, he’s performed as a mad dentist and executioner on stage. Those are all personas, but at his heart he is a renowned skeptic. His favorite prey are paranormal and pseudoscience claims. We’re sure he’ll have plenty of challengers who he’d love to put in their place in this conflict!


About Bob

Bob is an avid gamer and has been since he was young. With an interest that started on NES and blossomed into a passion on SNES, he is now interested in writing, programming, and other design principles. Bob has a particular "finesse" when it comes to RPGs, specifically. By "finesse", we mean he just spends many hours playing them and picking them apart.