GravBlocks+ Price Reduction!



Hey everyone!

As we are seeing the Wii U(TM) off in it’s final year(s?), we are dropping a deep discount to our challenging puzzler, GravBlocks+ for it: Now available for only $1.00! This is a permanent discount to see the Wii U out to those open fields where all past consoles frolic and prance and talk about what it was like in the olden days when televisions had scanlines. 


And to show we’re not playing favorites, here, the discount is also applied to the Steam version! Check it out now for only $1! The Steam version also has the optional DLC which is a massive puzzle help guide that can be helpful in solving the puzzles in either the Wii U or the Steam version. 


Please be sure to tell at least a million other people, and have them tell a million other people, and we should be able to cover most of the planet way faster than the way a typical pyramid scheme works. Happy gaming, folks! Look forward to some rad new updates and news (hopefully) soon!



About Nick

Nick is a huge, huge gamer. Not physically, but huge in his love and natural understanding of gaming and game design. Long fascinated by console gaming history, and the concepts behind game design, Nick is also a collector and he cherishes even the terrible consoles in his collection--including the Jaguar and Virtual Boy.