FNG Staff



From Nothing Game Studios started as a discussion by students on January 26, 2012, which marked the first formal meeting of the initial team.  Over the first two years, the team varied between four and six members before landing on the strong, focused team of six that marked the release of their first console game, GravBlocks+.

The Twin Cities (Minneapolis & St. Paul, Minnesota) is not a place currently known for major game design studios.  But there is a burgeoning indie community, and From Nothing Game Studios (or FNG Studios) quickly became a part of that.  FNG Studios is a team made up of a variety of backgrounds including fans of all major consoles both now and throughout gaming history–Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, Sega, Atari, as well as PC gaming, Steam, and tabletop games.

From Nothing Game Studios focuses primarily on the Unity game engine, but frequently looks to experiment and expand with more engines and technology, from Unreal and Construct2, to utilizing the Microsoft Kinect for motion-capture testing.  We are also fans of a great many classic games and concepts, and many within the team are eager to revisit classic genres and concepts with modern tools, understanding, and twists.

In May 2012, FNG Studios showed their initial pre-alpha version of GravBlocks for Android to the local International Game Developers Association crowd. The feedback from the showing strengthened the title.

In May 2013, FNG Studios became an authorized developer for the Wii U™.

On November 16th, 2013, FNG Studios attended Gamer’s Rhapsody with a nearly completed GravBlocks+.

In 2014, FNG Studios became a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC).

On February 26th, 2015, FNG Studios released an upgraded GravBlocks+ for the Wii U to generally positive reviews.