Adam Dyson

Adam is one of our new guys, and our resident Zelda fanboy. He hadn’t been up to much after earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Game and Application Development at the Minnesota School of Business, but then the opportunity came knocking. The folks from From Nothing Game Studios asked if he would be interested in assisting with an upgraded port of GravBlocks over to the Wii U, preying on his weakness for all things Nintendo. Of course, he was chomping at the bits to not only do something with the knowledge he gained from college, but to also start off with a system and company he had practically dedicated his life to. (Trust us, he has some problems…)

Adam’s obsession came to be ever since his parents finally caved in from all of his begging and purchased him a Super Nintendo when he was 5 years old. Little did they know just how much of an influence this would be on his life, and often responds to the word “Nintendo” more than his own name. Since then, he has had every major console and handheld released in America and hasn’t let them go. However, the hypocrite still doesn’t own an original Nintendo…

Check out his hard work on the eManual and in the blisteringly challenging 50 new puzzles in the Wii U version of GravBlocks+!