Nick Behrens



Graphic Designer

Nick is a fan of science fiction, science, and scientific skepticism.  Nick also happens to be an incredibly creative, visual kind of guy, and continually adds to his ever-massive collection of developing game concepts.  Increasingly, he is interested in trying to come up with ways to make the fiction part of “science fiction” a little more based in reality–and if not that, some good, solid satire.

He has a Bachelor’s degree in Game Design, but even before that, he had an uncanny understanding and potentially unsettling love of video games and gaming. A devout console gamer for two solid decades, Nick got into gaming after becoming addicted to the NES while hospitalized for pneumonia when he was 11 and was lucky enough to end up in a hospital with video games. After spending years trying to find a way to get his limitless ideas and concepts into video games, Nick was lucky enough to stumble onto a group of like-minded gamers eager to get into the industry by hopefully crafting a niche for themselves.

What Nick brings to From Nothing Game Studios is his artistic skills, familiarity with 3DS Max and Adobe CS programs, as well as a supernatural understanding of video game concepts and designs.  It’s not really supernatural, it’s natural.  It just involves scientific concepts only robots from the future understand.

He is a stark raving believer that video games must not cheat players (i.e., cheap deaths, heavily luck-based gameplay, or anything that screws over a player), that Achievements must be logical and meaningful and not distract from the core gameplay experience, that everything done in a game must be for a logical reason, that time limits are a stupid and irritating way to force challenge into a game, and that a stupid story is fine so long as the gameplay is monstrously entertaining (a la Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon).  When it comes to story-telling, he has an ever-decreasing level of patience for any movie or game that can’t even get basic science facts right.

Currently, Nick has amassed a collection of “many” game consoles and a library of just over “even more many” games. He has made a habit of seeking out historically terrible games to add to his collection, and as such, owns Shaq Fu and Superman 64. His favorite game is Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem, and the Resident Evil, Metroid, and Contra franchises.  Except for that one Metroid game. You know the one.  He enjoys all genres, but has a particular soft-spot for “high intensity” gaming, run-n-gun games, and shmups.  His favorite TV shows are Star Trek (most of them), The X-Files, and the classic Twilight Zone.  He also thinks Harlan Ellison is one of the greatest geniuses of literature.

He also wrote this in the third person simply to confound you.