Paul Metcalf

Lead Programmer


Paul is a passionate programmer who grew up playing Atari and QBasic games.

Begging his father for some way to make his own games Paul was introduced to make your own maze games and level editors like in the game Stunts (a 3d DOS car stunt game). His father photocopied a QBasic book one summer which got pushed aside due to the Super Nintendo. Some shred of that inspiration led Paul to take a C++ course in high school and landed a web development job where he worked for two years. In his junior year of high school he competed in Business Professional of America’s programming competitions, placing 1st in state for C++.

Paul’s free time away from code is spent playing 4X RTS games, like Civilization and Sins of a Solar Empire, turn-based strategy games like Final Fantasy Tactics, X-COM and Battle for Wesnoth, RPG games such as Xenogears and Morrowind, painting miniatures for role playing and Warhammer, and indie games like Dustforce and Terraria.

Paul dabbled in the music field and after pursuing a career in jazz trumpet performance went back to programming by going to Minnesota School of Business for games. Shown positive feedback from his peers he was approached by a group intending to start a business and has continued to be passionate about his work with them.

Paul’s role in From Nothing Game Studios as a programmer pushes him further into the world of computer graphics. He has been documenting his progress with YouTube videos and his online portfolio ranging from the basic Pong and Breakout clones to an aerial combat simulator.

Visit his game portfolio at