Robert Andreae

Acting CFO

Audio Designer


Robert has successfully earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Game and Application Development in March 2013.

He “bought” his first computer around 1986, an IBM 8086. Robert took my first programming class in high school, BASIC and an independent study of Pascal. When not working on assignments, you could maybe find him playing “Hard Hat Mack” on the Apple II e.

The first game he really got into was “Doom” and even created some levels for his and his friends’ own use. He usually plays RPGs, some strategy and first person to mix things up a bit. And we better say some puzzles games too, since he’s been doing a lot of “testing” on GravBlocks.

Latest games of interest include World of Warcraft, Star Wars the Old Republic, Demigod, beta of Elemental – Fallen Enchantress, beta of Diablo III, beta of WoW – Mists of Pandaria, and when he wants to play something mind numbing (I mean that in a good way) Ascendancy. And those are just the PC games. He also plays games on Xbox, PS3, and PS2: Final Fantasy series VII – X-2, XII – XIII-2, Dungeon Siege III, Lost Odyssey, Star Ocean: The Last Hope, Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, Fable and Fable II.

When he’s not studying (aka playing games) he enjoys, when he gets the chance, to tinker around with 3ds Max, Photoshop for textures, and the Unreal Development Kit. Future endeavors include learning more of the Unity game engine, XCode and XNA.