Robert Kleven

Testing / Concepts

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Robert (or, Bob, or BAHB) has had a passion for gaming since he was a young lad, all thanks to some lucky (or unlucky) circumstance.

Bob’s introduction to video games happened thanks to a surprise illness and appendix issues he succumbed to as a child. Due to this illness leaving him to spend a lot of time in a hospital bed, his father bought him an NES to pass the time. Games like Karnov, Tetris, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Battletoads were played to pass the time during recovery. His favorite, however, was a game called RoboWarrior that he would often play with his father.

Years would pass and Bob would become ever more entrenched in the medium. Robert at a young age also enjoyed writing short stories inspired by the books he read and the games he played. 

Always wanting to see the industry up close and growing up with a healthy does of classic games, his first glimpse at what actually making a video was like was when he saw the behind the scenes video that came on the bonus disc with Halo 2 on the original Xbox. At 16 years old, and having no idea what “game development” actually looked like, the experience was thrilling! To see a group of people all working together making such an excellent game was an eye-opening experience. A couple years after that Robert immediately began attending college for Programming and Video Game Development, ready to make his dream a reality.

Story telling has always been his most interested aspect of game design – telling a compelling tale using all the unique perks that video game development grant. Along with this, he has a keen interest in keeping games as polished as they can be. From the mechanics to the actual writing, Robert has a vested interest in both areas.

After spending several years working QA at Activision and having tested a multitude of games and genres, Robert enters the From Nothing Game Studios family to lend his writing talents and his knack for quality assurance and testing.