Sean Carlson


Graphic Designer


Sean started his gaming career around age four after being shown the wonders of the original Nintendo Entertainment System. Shortly after that was the purchase of his Super Nintendo. Which is still with Sean today.

After the early Nintendo years came the first real computer to his house. He quickly figured out ways to for one crash the system and then find a way to get it working again. Somtimes this was to the dismay of his parents but they soon learned to deal with it and adapt.

Sean started his programming career in middle school and continued all throughout high school. The thing that really stuck with Sean was gaming though. The homework would always get done in some fashion but the games would pull him back. Not just to play but to mod and even program and develop. Unreal tournament 2004 saw a lot of Sean’s time editing and uploading levels for people to play.

Sean graduated in June of 2012 from the “Programming and Application Development” program at the Minnesota School of Business. It appears that the gaming will never leave him and it is a great thing. Favorite type of games are FPS(First Person Shooter), Puzzle, RPG, and Indie games.