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Beyond the art, I also enjoy writing and has been “published” twice, perhaps in the loosest sense of the word.  Once for Polish horror magazine Czachopismo (Nr 3 2007) for a micro story submission challenge to write a horror story in 100 words or less.  The story was titled 3:00, and the subject matter was the perspective of paralyzed individual being taken during an alien abduction.    (Details of how exactly this happened are available–just ask, and it also seems as though the magazine isn’t around anymore… I have a copy of it, however.)

My other published work is a short story titled Opinionhated, which was released through the Amazon Kindle market.  Opinionhated is a story about two guys arguing over the internet about movies.   One is a fan of only “serious dramas,” and the other a science fiction/horror/Godzilla fan.

This can be found at:  Opinionhated

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