Greetings and good day, friends! 

Check out our new app! It’s called Battle Helper – and its a mobile app (iOS & Android) that’s designed to help GM’s/DM’s in tabletop games keep track of a great many things. Check out the details below:

BattleHelper is a mobile app designed to assist GM’s and DM’s of tabletop games with keeping track of initiative order for players and NPC’s. BattleHelper offers a clear and easy to use system for sorting and filtering characters and their turn order.

Other cool stuff the app can do:

  • It can keep track of Health, Statuses and Armor Class.
  • Any character can target any other character in the initiative, and all stats including the initiative roll can be modified on the fly.
  • You can load in custom images to better differentiate your characters
  • Lists can be merged, so you can store a list of enemies and a list of the players
  • You can pre-build lists of encounters to merge with your player list as they encounter them.


Check it out on the Google Play Store by CLICKING HERE.


Disclaimer: BattleHelper is designed to be used with tabletop games like Dungeons and Dragons, but the BattleHelper app and From Nothing Game Studios, LLC are not associated with Dungeons and Dragons, Wizards of the Coast, or any other specific tabletop Role Playing Game.