Punchy Cube



Punchy Cube: Fight!

Release Date: TBA 2019

Price:  $

Genre:  Fighting

Platforms:  TBD

Engine:   Unity

ESRB Rating:  RP



Get those cuboidal fists in the air!  It’s time to kick some sphere!

Punchy Cube (A) plants players in the role of a college professor who has watched his once esteemed university taken over by nonsense–utter nonsense!  He and his fellow educators once molded hungry minds in the ways of logic, science, reason, and mathematics–until now!  The college has been overtaken by a mysterious group called the Way of Circutology, and rather than evidence and science, they champion circular reasoning and an anything-goes mentality!  They believe their pulled-from-the-behind crankery is every bit as valuable as decades of hard evidence.  Out with Astronomy, in with magic space fortunes!  Nuts to history, they adopt conspiracy!  The educators have lost their jobs, the students are getting dumber, and now… All other options have been exhausted.  Is it time for…. action?

Punchy Cube: Fight! is a straight-up fighting game version of the Punchy Cube formula.  Here, the focus is on the thrill of the fight against up to three other players at once.  Punchy Cube: Fight! attempts to combine the ease-of-entry of Super Smash Bros with a bit more moves and gimmicks, with a lot more emphasis on throwing around your opponents.  Equal sides science and superstition face off in this brawler pitting astrophysicists against cryptozoologists, architects against ghost hunters, and mathematicians against psychics!

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