Greetings and good day, friends! 

Today we’re giving a sneak peek of our new app for IOS & Android!

BattleHelper is a mobile app designed to assist GM’s and DM’s of tabletop games with keeping track of initiative order for players and NPC’s. BattleHelper offers a clear and easy to use system for sorting and filtering characters and their turn order.

Other cool stuff the app can do:

  • It can keep track of Health, Statuses and Armor Class.
  • Any character can target any other character in the initiative, and all stats including the initiative roll can be modified on the fly.
  • You can load in custom images to better differentiate your characters
  • Lists can be merged, so you can store a list of enemies and a list of the players
  • You can pre-build lists of encounters to merge with your player list as they encounter them.

Check it out on the Google Play Store HERE

More information is coming! Stay tuned!