Jenna, The Newest Superstition Member, Enters The Fray!

Greetings once again! Today we’re announcing another new character on the Superstition Side – Jenna, the anti-vaxxer! Jenna has a strong public presence and she has no problem using it to share how much she doesn’t know. Surely she will bring some much needed star power to the Superstition Side!

As a parent with a very public outlet, she adores informing other parents that death is preferable to autism. Always willing to question established and known science she has been called “the nation’s most prominent purveyor of anti-vaxxer ideology” but she doesn’t let it phase her! She’s got a history of making bold claims without evidence and pandering to emotionalism! We’re sure she’ll make a fine addition to the Superstition Side!


About Bob

Bob is an avid gamer and has been since he was young. With an interest that started on NES and blossomed into a passion on SNES, he is now interested in writing, programming, and other design principles. Bob has a particular "finesse" when it comes to RPGs, specifically. By "finesse", we mean he just spends many hours playing them and picking them apart.